a unique range of sliding patio doors

Design, functionality, performance and sliding actions are dramatically different to the traditional ‘inline’ sliding door. with options in aluminium and PVCu for you to pick from.

What a new sliding door will give you is a highly contemporary door with bigger glass areas than any other type of glazed product – even a window. The design of modern patio sliding doors has very much followed the trend for architecturally appealing aluminium that is highly contemporary while functional, secure and energy efficient.

When it comes to thermal performance, any door that has as much glass as possible will give you low U-Values.  The glass you can expect in your door will typically contain soft-coat low-emissivity coating,  warm edge spacer bars and argon gas between the glass.  Triple glazing is available as is enhanced glazing for acoustic performance as well. Either way, if big glass doors are what you desire, a sliding door is for you.

The doors slide within a track meaning they will not encroach into your outside or inside spaces.  Sliding doors are therefore good for putting furniture close to them or if you have a small patio or garden and want to maximise the space.

Sliding doors will look great whether they are open or closed. With a sliding door,  you’ll benefit from far less visible profile than other types of doors.

If you are building a new extension, a sliding door gives you the capability of creating a glass wall.  Many sliding door products can comfortably exceed five or even six metres with just two panels.  Heights of 3 metres or more are possible.  What you get with such big doors is weight.  You may think such big heavy doors will be difficult to open. The latest generation of sliding doors even at 300kg or more per panel are effortless to slide. 

Sliding Patio Doors:

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